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How much can I charge as a trustee?

The question of reasonable compensation for a trustee or fiduciary often comes up. There is no black and white rule regarding reasonable compensation. Reasonable compensation means it depends–it depends on the surrounding circumstances of the administration. And the factors are proscribed in the Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS). As the fiduciary (personal representative/conservator/agent/trustee), you are entitled […]

Beneficiary Deeds, am I right?

There was a recent article in the Daily Sentinel that created a lot of buzz with my estate planning clients you can read here. All of sudden, everyone wanted a beneficiary deed. We wrote and recommended such a tool in 2016 It solves everything, am I right? Maybe. Essentially, a beneficiary deed is executed and […]

Overview of Colorado Probate Filing Fees

How much does it cost to file estate or trust proceedings? Sometimes the probate process or trust administration can take awhile; sometimes the process is short. But where do you start and how much does the court charge to file a document? The following table presents an overview of the court costs associated with different […]

Estate Taxes? “Rolling in the Deep”

Administering an estate or trust? Were taxes filed before the person died? How would you know? The IRS allows access to previously filed returns with authority. An unpaid income tax bill is common. Hopefully, there is a recorded lien to alert you. But some go unnoticed. This problem occurs at every income scale. As a […]

Tenant, no pets…..what the &$#&% is a service animal?

Service Animal/Emotional Support Animal If you are a landlord, you might have come across this with tenants: the request of a service animal or an emotional support animal in the rental. In many cases, the disability is real; service animals are trained dogs (can also be a miniature horse) to provide a specific task for […]