How much does it cost to file estate or trust proceedings?

Sometimes the probate process or trust administration can take awhile; sometimes the process is short. But where do you start and how much does the court charge to file a document?

The following table presents an overview of the court costs associated with different actions for Colorado estate or trust cases in 2019:

Probate ActionCourt Fee
Opening probate for a small estate(valued at ≤$68,000)$83
Opening informal probate for larger estates$199
Opening formal probate for larger estates$199
Filing a petition for a trust action$199
Registering a trust statement$198
Filling a petition to contest a claim$198
Depositing a Will with the Court$18
Demand for Notice$36
Jury demand fee$231

If you want to review all fees and costs for different actions, please see the Colorado Judicial’s website:

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